American Bulldog Coffee Roasters

Year: 2012
Services: Identity design and Branding

American Bulldog Coffee Roasters originated from a coffee shop in NYC called Bowery Coffee. It was on Bowery and Houston—right across from the Bowery Wall. The owners were antiques dealers and coffee enthusiasts so it made sense that the coffee shop space was outfitted with beautiful rustic decor. It was truly a beautiful and unique place in the city.

I was approached to create a logo for their expansion into coffee roasting. They asked me to create an dentity that referenced an old sign that they had and to include a picture of their beloved pet. I first made the sign by hand, including the type and modified it digitally.

The owners decided to move their operation to New Jersey. No longer on the Bowery in New York City. They took the American Bulldog Coffee Roasters logo and used it as their main identity. Since then they have their own bakery and have expanded into three different locations.