Year: 2012
Services: Identity Design

Bronze is a skateboard company from New York City that produces skateboard hardware. Initially a skate crew turned skate company. It was focused on a "bootleg" and lofi aesthetic that took a lot of inspiration from World Star Hip Hop. Before bronze was going to launch its first video and establish itself as a hardware company, I was asked to create a logo/symbol that referenced the Windows 95 start up screen. I created the Bronze “B” and made it super versatile as an idea that can be used for anything. As the Bronze "B" was designed Bronze's image and branding became more definitive. The bronze “B" became viral. As Bronze grew they became more of a street wear company featured within the realm of “hype beast”—collaborating with Reebok, Huf, DC Shoes and Palace. Through the years I did some additional promotional work.