Sandworm - Revenge of Bygone Tribes LP

Year: 2020
Services: Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Handtype.

Sandworm is a black metal band from Providence, Rhode Island. They make raw and elemental black metal with themes of fantasy and lore that is inspired by the Dune novels. I was asked to create artwork for a deluxe LP of their “Revenge of Bygone Clans” album put out by Black Gangrene Productions. Keeping the themes that I initially designed for their casstette release, I was asked to do something more unique and special. The artists left it open for me to interpret. To me “Revenge of Bygone Clans” felt like tribes that were outcasted from an invasive oppressive group. share a common lineage, come together to draw power from a super natural source. They create a magical space with totem poles that represent each clan and use different totem poles to draw power and guidance from their gods. For the cover I created additional sacred weapons that these tribes used. The pattern on the back was made to illustrate that the tribes had their own culture and aesthetic. The lettering is hand done.