Sandworm - Revenge of Bygone Tribes Tape

Year: 2020
Services: Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Handtype.

Sandworm is a black metal band from Providence, Rhode Island. They make raw, elemental black metal with themes of fantasy and lore that is inspired by the Dune novels. I was asked to create artwork for their latest album “Revenge of Bygone Clans” put out by Perished Soil Records. It was put out in a legacy format of a cassette tape to give fans a tangible object for their purchase of their music. It was open ended and up for interpretation on how I heard the music and envisioned the artwork. I was asked to keep it simple and abstract. To me “Revenge of Bygone Clans” felt like tribes that were outcasted from an invasive oppressive group. The tribes—-who share a common lineage, come together to draw power from a super natural source. They create a magical space with totem poles that represent each clan and use different totem poles to draw power and guidance from their gods. The lettering is hand done.